Thursday, 7 October 2010

Demon Horror Art Video

Recently created a horror demon art drawing video in which I drew a horror skull demon with a sharpie marker and then colored with Crayola Supertip markers which are excellent for drawing and coloring really as I have tested them out considerably.

The drawing video is a time lapse video in that it is a speeded up video with me drawing and coloring at almost super speed, but it's worth noting that in real time I sketch and color quite quick still, because art shouldn't be this totally perfectionist medium, it should be a way of working things out in your head and creating some cool ideas.

Watch the drawing video below.....

Sharpie Marker Drawing A Demonic Face Video

Drawing a demonic face in this sharpie marker attempt at a reasonable demon inspired piece of art. In the video I added the time lapse feature as it cut the video time to half of what it was and so you can see a horror demonic face occuring in real time just speeded up.

If there are any other demonic things and videos you want me to create, then do give use a comment or two below!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Drawing Tutorial - How To Draw A Hell Demon With Wings

Over on my other blog at I did a drawing tutorial on drawing a hell demon and it was a simple tutorial which covered the drawing process in brief and you can see the 3 step drafting process with each step of the sketching stages.

For some reason I like drawing all of this horror stuff more than anything else as it is easy to do and fun. So see how to draw a Hell Demon with wings

Monday, 19 July 2010

Shading A Demon Drawing

How to shade a demon drawing with the full range of pencil tones, from 6B to 6H, I give a few tips on shading, although I do ramble on a bit, but hey enjoy the cool drawing of a demon in the video as I did like drawing the ugly thing!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Draw A Hell Demon Two Part Video

Drawing a hell demon two part video, in this quick drawing video 2 part series I go through a quick sketch of a hell demon idea and try to ink it in the second video, watch them both to see how to draw a Hell Demon.

Drawing a hell demon video 1

Drawing a hell demon video 2


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Draw A Demonic Tattoo

Over on my main fantasy art blog I did a drawing tutorial on drawing a demon tattoo and in this drawing tutorial I went through a simple step by step approach to drawing a demonic tattoo, now you may tackle your demon tattoo in a different way, but it's all inspiration folks!!

Go take a look - Drawing Demon Tattoo

Friday, 18 December 2009

Drawing A Demonic Head Sketch Quite Quickly

Here I am drawing in this video a quick head sketch of a demons head and so the idea behind these types of videos is to draw something that is quick and still looks like a good drawing, even though it has been drawn quicker than normal, fast sketching is something that has become a good technique for artists as they try to sketch out there ideas before they either forget or lose the creative momentum for some reason.

Sketching out new ideas in bulk is an excellent idea to do as you can create lots of sketches, designs, sketch notes and other types of quick draft work this way, the demon head sketch I began in the video below was originally going to be a skull, but at the first few seconds my pencil and my drawing hand had other ideas, and that's pretty much the way you should do these types of quick sketching methods, don't try to force your ideas, just let them flow.

Watch the video!