Monday, 16 March 2009

Demonic Biro Art Print

Drawing demonic drawings with a biro is another of my favourite ways beside pencils.

Demon Head Drawing Button

This demon head drawing I drew as part of my drawing demons tutorial over on hubpages and it began a chain of events that led me to create a series of blogs and articles about drawing and being inspired with drawing fantasy art and this to me I believe is my true calling...well that and writing and drawing my own comic books and actually publishing them online or in proper printed book format.

Evil Demonic Art Magnet Drawn With Felt Tips

This demonic art drawing was created as a tattoo idea and drawn and colored with cheapo felt tips just to give a rough indication of the exact colors and the design sort of fits a shoulder tattoo design.

Over at Zazzle The Demonic Art Magnets is an ever growing category that will feature many demonic art designs in time I will expand on this section of my Zazzle Gallery and this will be the strongest selling products as I will sell them in limited numbers in the future and then replace with new designs over the old ones that sell out.

Demonic Art Face Magnet

Another demonic art design, again a head drawing inked and shaded as my initial trademark of current artwork goes and this time printed on a magnet. At Zazzle if you are going to buy a product you can usually customize the product somewhat to suit your preferences.

This was a recent drawing I did but originally I started with the intention of drawing a werewolfs head, but the demons had their own ideas!

Excruciating Macresco - A Demonic Horror Poster Print

This was a requested piece of art that would be used for a band called Excruciating Macresco, it is a demonic drawing created with color pencils, with my usual brand of firey colors with the reds and the yellows.

I really do like to draw the tentacles coming out of demonic mouths a bit too much these days.

Monster Demon Art Stickers

This demonic monster head drawing I drew quite awhile ago now and I only got around to adding this the other week on my Zazzle gallery, this is the busy nature of drawing these demons and monsters. I have loads more demonic art sketches in my sketchbooks and they just need finishing and then I'll add them too to my Zazzle Gallery.