Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Demonic Art Head Button

As a rule I always try and draw as many demonic heads and faces as I can, because there are as many possibilities and this was yet another felt tip demonic effort.

One of the best things about drawing demons is that they can look different everytime.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Quick Look At A Demon Tattoo Drawing In Progress

Here is a quick video looking at one of my latest demon tattoo drawings, as you'll see in the video, the drawing only has the basic linework which will have to be simplified if sold to a tattooist, although they coulddo that themselves it sure would save them time, so I'll do that later with my lightbox and simplify the design and not have too much detail that's currently going on there.

I will more than likely do another video which shows what it will look like when colour is added to the design, but until then have a look at this short video.

Note - There will be some tutorial stuff coming up soon, with videos and some more articles, so stay tuned!

Demon Worm Art Drawing On A Magnet

This is a tattoo design, taken from my tattoo archives and separated from the others on that flash sheet, I created lots of versions of this type of drawing of a demonic type worm and the different variations look quite good all on the same sheets, once I get an A3 scanner I could show you all the full flash sheets I designed about 4 years ago.

Evil Demon Art Print

Many of my demon art drawings are fairly straight forward and drawn in pencil and inked with fine ink roller pens, but lately I have gotten back into using sharpie markers for some strong and vibrant colours, but on this occasion you can see my old style has come back with pencil shading over an inked drawing of yet another demons head.

I'm going to do a post on drawing a demons head and the steps you need to take to get a good demonic creature head drawn on paper, if this is something you would find interesting and useful then please comment and say so below!

Flaming Demonic Skull Square Magnet

This is another demonic skull drawing I did a long time ago, when I was happily into the felt tip drawing phase and I would colour stuff in quite quickly, so that it would hopefully produce a design with a bit of energy and movement if at all possible.

I draw lots of demonic skulls even today, but I try to do lots of variations of them now and try to make them more interesting.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Demonic Head Sketching Video

Every day I draw new stuff, some good, some bad and some really quick sketches and this video shows a really quick sketch of a demons head, I draw and design demons alot and find drawing demons quite relaxing.

Coming up soon, I will be going through series of videos that walk and talk you through drawing demons and other monsters too, which will be fun as I draw every day and this will get me used to drawing and teaching, something that has interested me lately.

Here's the quick demon drawing video!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Demonic Tattoo Art Print Design On Zazzle

I did this demon tattoo like design as a response to a small article I did over on hubpages on how to draw a demonic tattoo, although it's not perfect by any means, so I may have to draw and design some more and get a feel for the tribal aspects of tattoo design, but I gave it a shot, just to see!

Monday, 7 September 2009

New Demon Creature Art Print

This demon art print was a drawing I did for one of my drawing tutorials and it was drawn with pen and ink and shaded in pencil and I particularly enjoyed drawing it as demons are quite nice to draw anyway.