Friday, 18 December 2009

Drawing A Demonic Head Sketch Quite Quickly

Here I am drawing in this video a quick head sketch of a demons head and so the idea behind these types of videos is to draw something that is quick and still looks like a good drawing, even though it has been drawn quicker than normal, fast sketching is something that has become a good technique for artists as they try to sketch out there ideas before they either forget or lose the creative momentum for some reason.

Sketching out new ideas in bulk is an excellent idea to do as you can create lots of sketches, designs, sketch notes and other types of quick draft work this way, the demon head sketch I began in the video below was originally going to be a skull, but at the first few seconds my pencil and my drawing hand had other ideas, and that's pretty much the way you should do these types of quick sketching methods, don't try to force your ideas, just let them flow.

Watch the video!

How To Draw Your Scary Demon Momma Video

This one I had a little fun with, just to draw your scary momma as a demon, the video is short like most of my drawing videos, but I do want to carry on with creating these little instructional drawing videos, even the ones that aren't instructional where I just show a drawing in progress or a finished drawing is still just as inspiring to look at.

I wonder if there are things that anyone would like me to draw in these videos and whether you want me to create some videos based on your requests, I am looking at creating new videos every Sunday of each week, so you can subscribe, comment or request a video from me on my youtube account.

Anyway, here's how to draw your scary demon momma!

Fire Demon T-shirt Design

Going through my zazzle store lately I can feel a breath of fresh air as I go through now and create more and more products from my existing drawings,designs and photographs as I re-size them and alter them through Gimp or some other computer program.

This demon design I've just made the image larger, so that it would look alot better on the zazzle range of t-shirts, of course on zazzle you can play around with adding text and fonts to your designs which is a great touch which I'll be doing more and more of over the next few months.

I drew this design whilst I was in hospital with my daughter and I inked and started to colour it with crayola pencils, it was one of them drawings that I may have had tried to draw a few other times before, but it turned out well I think, so I am just going through gimp at the moment and I might do an updated colour version of this demon design, to see what I can do.

Maybe you know someone who will like these demon styled t-shirts!

Ladies Shadow Demon Spaghetti Top

I've just re-sized this demon design for a range of t-shirts on my zazzle store gallery and published a couple last night, this is a ladies spaghetti top with the design printed on it.

Expect more of these t-shirts to be on sale soon!