Thursday, 7 October 2010

Demon Horror Art Video

Recently created a horror demon art drawing video in which I drew a horror skull demon with a sharpie marker and then colored with Crayola Supertip markers which are excellent for drawing and coloring really as I have tested them out considerably.

The drawing video is a time lapse video in that it is a speeded up video with me drawing and coloring at almost super speed, but it's worth noting that in real time I sketch and color quite quick still, because art shouldn't be this totally perfectionist medium, it should be a way of working things out in your head and creating some cool ideas.

Watch the drawing video below.....

Sharpie Marker Drawing A Demonic Face Video

Drawing a demonic face in this sharpie marker attempt at a reasonable demon inspired piece of art. In the video I added the time lapse feature as it cut the video time to half of what it was and so you can see a horror demonic face occuring in real time just speeded up.

If there are any other demonic things and videos you want me to create, then do give use a comment or two below!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Drawing Tutorial - How To Draw A Hell Demon With Wings

Over on my other blog at I did a drawing tutorial on drawing a hell demon and it was a simple tutorial which covered the drawing process in brief and you can see the 3 step drafting process with each step of the sketching stages.

For some reason I like drawing all of this horror stuff more than anything else as it is easy to do and fun. So see how to draw a Hell Demon with wings

Monday, 19 July 2010

Shading A Demon Drawing

How to shade a demon drawing with the full range of pencil tones, from 6B to 6H, I give a few tips on shading, although I do ramble on a bit, but hey enjoy the cool drawing of a demon in the video as I did like drawing the ugly thing!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Draw A Hell Demon Two Part Video

Drawing a hell demon two part video, in this quick drawing video 2 part series I go through a quick sketch of a hell demon idea and try to ink it in the second video, watch them both to see how to draw a Hell Demon.

Drawing a hell demon video 1

Drawing a hell demon video 2


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Draw A Demonic Tattoo

Over on my main fantasy art blog I did a drawing tutorial on drawing a demon tattoo and in this drawing tutorial I went through a simple step by step approach to drawing a demonic tattoo, now you may tackle your demon tattoo in a different way, but it's all inspiration folks!!

Go take a look - Drawing Demon Tattoo