Friday, 28 August 2009

Drawing A Scary Demons Head

In the following video and links to 3 more videos I go through a quick drawing tutorial of drawing a demons head and this is a great exercise in drawing from scratch when you are considering any types of drawing, as it needs to be built up from an intitial idea that is a loose sketch and then this draft drawing is developed through a series of drawing steps to whatever the end result shall be.

The four steps covered are:

Drafting the first sketch from a set of demon head quick sketch ideas I did previously(see the first video below!)

Working on that sketch to add dark and light values.

Start inking the drawing.

Finish the inks and clean up the art.

Here is the first video:-

And here is the Second part -Drawing A Scary Demon Video 2

Third part -Drawing A Scary Demon Video 3

Fourth part -Drawing A Scary Demon Video 4

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