Friday, 18 December 2009

Drawing A Demonic Head Sketch Quite Quickly

Here I am drawing in this video a quick head sketch of a demons head and so the idea behind these types of videos is to draw something that is quick and still looks like a good drawing, even though it has been drawn quicker than normal, fast sketching is something that has become a good technique for artists as they try to sketch out there ideas before they either forget or lose the creative momentum for some reason.

Sketching out new ideas in bulk is an excellent idea to do as you can create lots of sketches, designs, sketch notes and other types of quick draft work this way, the demon head sketch I began in the video below was originally going to be a skull, but at the first few seconds my pencil and my drawing hand had other ideas, and that's pretty much the way you should do these types of quick sketching methods, don't try to force your ideas, just let them flow.

Watch the video!

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