Friday, 18 December 2009

Fire Demon T-shirt Design

Going through my zazzle store lately I can feel a breath of fresh air as I go through now and create more and more products from my existing drawings,designs and photographs as I re-size them and alter them through Gimp or some other computer program.

This demon design I've just made the image larger, so that it would look alot better on the zazzle range of t-shirts, of course on zazzle you can play around with adding text and fonts to your designs which is a great touch which I'll be doing more and more of over the next few months.

I drew this design whilst I was in hospital with my daughter and I inked and started to colour it with crayola pencils, it was one of them drawings that I may have had tried to draw a few other times before, but it turned out well I think, so I am just going through gimp at the moment and I might do an updated colour version of this demon design, to see what I can do.

Maybe you know someone who will like these demon styled t-shirts!

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