Tuesday, 9 December 2008

How To Draw A Demonic Creature

I have drawn demons quite a lot throughout my time on the internet, I have been online since 2005 and in fact the world wide web opened up a brand new world for a place to share my art, but perhaps the best thing anyone can do is draw and blog if they are an artist.

The more you blog you get better at it, the more you draw you get better at that, then combine the two and you have "how to's" and "step by step" content that you can quickly show other people interested in the same topics as you.

I don't know why I draw lots of demonic creatures and demon heads, maybe it's my signature as an artist. So this post primarily follows every useful demonic art web page I have created elsewhere and also an original how to draw a demon tutorial too.

Demonic art can either be fantastical or weird at times, from old biblical style paintings and drawings that depicted demons as man goats with horns to actual demons that are full of inspired imagination so much so that they look original.

How To Draw A Demonic Face

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