Thursday, 4 December 2008

The World Of Demonic Art

Demon art all over the internet, my demonic art and demons in film are all to be found here, but first who am I?

Wayne Tully is the name and drawing lots of monsters and demonic creatures is what I just love to do, so I created this blog on the subject of Demon Art. The influenecs of demonic art are far reaching on the internet it seems, do a search on google for demonic art and drawing demons, people all over like to draw demons for tattoos and other media like comic books and album covers.

The demon designs I see range in quality and are most certainly influenced by film,tv,books and comics and even nightmares to some extent, this is what I love about demonic art and drak creatures that inspire and dwell on the imagination.

Enjoy this blog, because I enjoy the subject of demons.

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